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Sunday, 2 May 2010

At last I've finished Vintage Vogue 2962. This has been a long and drawn out process. Initially I made a lot of progress but I struggled to sew the gathered 5yds(!) of skirt to the bodice. I managed it in the end but I was worried that I'd damaged my beloved machine and/or bent a needle in the process. Prior to this struggle I came across some problems with the loops to be used for the back fastening. The pattern just doesn't allow for these to be long enough to be sewn securely into the back seam. In addition the back didn't fit properly and gaped at the side seams. So I eventually put in button holes instead of loops and this had the effect of pulling the back in for a better fit with no gaping.

Do I love it? - I'm not sure. But I'm very glad it's finished. Next time I'll make this for evening wear in a lovely voile.


  1. I think it looks great. I am finishing a similar project with 5 yards of gathered material. My pattern is reversible, so there are "2" 5 yard gathers. It is crazy!!! I love the fabric you chose...and I love halters.

  2. Hi! The dress looks lovely though, but can I ask how the halter part 'behaves'? I mean does it sort of spread over the bust or does it stay in place? I've been wanting to try a pattern like this but am really afraid it will just look horrible on a bigger bust. :)

    Also looking forward to seeing your progress on the Vintage Vogue.

  3. Hi Cinquefoil

    Thanks for your comment. The halter is fairly well behaved; you have to adjust it to make it fit once it's on but having done that it's fine. Actually you need to have a big bust for this dress otherwise it just looks wrong. Think Marilyn and the way she filled her clothes!

  4. I think it looks fab Charlie, its very "Marilyn" similar to the white dress she wore in the "air vent" scene.
    It would also make a lovely summer wedding dress, if made full length & in a more fluid fabric. Well done ;o)

  5. I've been debating on whether to make this pattern..I know you had some issues but would you recommend it? I also saw on Sew Retro you are going to the Goodwood Revival - are you going to the Vintage at Goodwood festival in August?

  6. Hi Five Guineas thanks for your comment. Yes I would recommend it but only in a lightweight fabric. There's just too much fabric in the skirt to gather anything heavier than something like voile. That was my mistake and I ignored the fabric recommendations - BIG mistake. It was easy to follow the pattern though.

    Re Goodwood. I'm only going to the Revival. Would also love to go to August event but it's practical!

  7. I think it is a beautiful dress! Well done! It does look very Marilyn-I brought the same pattern a couple of weeks ago and I am so excited about making it! Any hints and tips?