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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Yummy toolkit and other sensory matters...

My pops asked me what I'd like for my birthday and I asked for this sewing box - thanks Dad! It makes such a difference to have a purpose made box - my tailor's chalk for instance was always getting crushed in my old box (a hardware store plastic toolbox). As you can see this has loads of draws and deep storage for all my threads. I can now find everything as soon as I need it. But the very best thing about it - apart from the fact that it matches the decor of my work room perfectly is the smell - newly cut pine. Mmmmmm. Sewing is such a sensory activity I think... all the smells, the touch of the various fabrics and then the hum of rattle of the various machines not to mention the sound of shears cutting fabric - I digress!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mad Hatter

It's been a difficult couple of weeks and I haven't really felt like sewing. However, the clouds lifted a little yesterday and I decided to do a little something. I love hats and particularly the retro bakerboy style. Using scraps from the Royal Doulton print dress I completed last summer I completed this last night.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Being prolific

Having sewn the Marilyn skirt to the bodice I have freed up my dressmaking form and have been able to take some more photos for the blog. So here's the pencil skirt I made a couple of weeks back. I'm really pleased with this skirt in so far as it's the first item that I've ever undertaken and completed in just one day. It's a very simple skirt and easy to make. Next time I will make it a little smaller (yes Gertie I should have made a muslin too! ) but for such a simple garment I thought I could get away with it and it's not a big deal.

The completion of this skirt marked another milestone in my dressmaking journey because it was at this point (having completed the skirt quickly but to a good standard) that I decided I would start to sell my wares on Etsy. Why? Well- why not? I'm not trying to start an empire but this represented just one more challenge. I mean I can create to my own standards but I wanted to push myself further - could I meet someone else's (potentially more) exacting standards? Well we shall see.

Oh and check out my labels - just a nice finishing touch...

Red roses

Here's the completed dress I started last month. I completed it during Valentine's week which was very apt but completely coincidental. I'm always making this dress as it is a silhouette I really like; clean simple and very Audrey Hepburn.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Mmmmmm chocolate vintage vogue

I took some time out at lunch to visit my favourite haberdashers in Manchester Abakhan the wonderfully helpful shop assistant spent so much time with me picking out this fabulous taffeta at a discount price. I have been inspired by this vintage vogue dress. I also chose the dusky pink rose corsage (looks more pinky in the photograph than it actually is - an effect of the flash). Ladies I have to say that Abakhan have a great line of corsages at around £2.00 each - a fraction of the price you'll pay in the fashion chains.

I love the idea that this simple pile of material and notions will be transformed into a fabulous garment.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Half way to Marilyn

I'm half way there with the vintage dress I started last week. I'm pleased with it so far; as with every first make there are things I will do differently next time, in particular the loops on the back were fiddly and next time I will make them longer so they are easier to sew into the seam. I was sceptical about the lining and I'm disappointed that the darts in the lining are visible on the inside, whenever I line a dress I make sure the darts on the lining and the darts on the fabric face each other on the inside - I will change this next time. But this is my prototype and I'm ok with it.