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Saturday, 1 May 2010

My best friend

I love my sewing machine. It was a Christmas present last year and it's a marriage made in heaven. You only need to ask most people about their relationship with their PC to know that reliance on machines can be problematic, but I've never wanted to throw this particular machine through the window or smash it to pieces in a fit of frustration and rage. No, my Janome 7025 enables me. I took a dressmaking course last year and I noticed that all the students had very noticeable and varying relationships with their machines. There were those of us who had a reliable partnership who could trust their machine to work with them and not to screw up just when we needed them most, there were those whose relationships were high maintenance who had to go through a lot of persuasive techniques to get their machines 'onside' and then there were those clearly heading for separation where the machines clearly had no respect whatsoever for the feelings of their partners and regularly left them in tears and humiliated. Janome and I became inseparable.

How are things between you and your machine? Are you compatible or heading for separation?

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