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Sunday, 13 June 2010

The story so far

Sorry it's been a while I've been busy making and creating quite a number of things but there's been no time to blog. Plus I lost the charger to my camera and so I've only just managed to photo all that I've been working on. So they'll be a bit of catching up to do on this blog in the next few days so watch this space.

Firstly I've been making progress on the shirt dress that I'm completing at night school. Here's my toile (with just one sleeve - don't ask!) and it does fit perfectly although there's much to be desired aesthetically at this stage I admit. Note in particular the notes I had to make to myself to ensure that I got all the panels in the correct place!

Now about those panels - they've been the bane of my life for the past three weeks. When I opted for this style in consultation with my tutor what she didn't say and I didn't figure out was that in drafting this pattern from my block which has no seam allowances I had to add seam allowances to each edge of five panels. Sounds easy right? Wrong! What a headache. My more sensible classmates had all opted for far more straight forward designs with just a back and front panel sewn together - oh the luxury! Anyway it did put me slightly behind everyone else but I've managed to catch up and I'll be making up the final piece this week ( minus collar as I've yet to draft it!).

I'll keep you posted!

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